easy like sunday morning

too sad to smile


Emma you made an offensive/rude post, and i don’t know if you were being serious?

read this

How old are you?

i was born in 1992. do the math

Where do you live?

ii grew up on the east coast and now i live in san diego and i hate it

Why is your URL emmafatty/ Emmascarn?


When did you make your blog? How many followers do you have?

I made it sometime at the end of August 2011. That’s a secret, it changes everyday~

Anon Hate

I’m just going to assume you are a pedophile and ignore your hate as I am legally an adult

Message About my Boobs

yes, they’re real. no i won’t post nudes. omg go away.

Check out my blog?

I don’t reblog anymore, I only post from flickr. so following someone or checking out their blog simply because they’re the same style as me is really tedious and annoying. I generally only follow someone for their personality and if we get along well. If you ask me to check out your blog I’ll honestly just ignore you, but if you really want me to follow you just try to talk to me and let’s be friends(:

Promo for Promo?